From Pastries To Skincare Products, Chef Siti Mastura Wants To Make A Positive Difference

From Pastries To Skincare Products, Chef Siti Mastura Wants To Make A Positive Difference

Many know Chef Siti Mastura for her culinary prowess, which she has been cultivating and perfecting for over two decades. Her wisdom in the field of baking and pastries has paved the way for the production of her own recipe book, cooking classes and multiple cooking demonstrations here in Singapore and overseas. 

Last Friday, Chef Siti introduced her latest venture, Vanity Series by Siti Mastura - a series of beauty products, ranging from face bars, to moisturisers and essential oils. There is one ingredient that we can’t help but notice is present across all products - curcuma. What is that?

Curcuma For Your Food And For Your Skin

Curcuma, or curcumin is a substance found in turmerics which makes it one of the best natural supplements for one’s health. While turmerics are usually added to our dishes for consumption, not many know of its benefits for the skin. All of the products in this series contain curcuma, which:

  • Protects skin from free radicals
  • Acts as a natural sunblock
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce dark circles
  • Prevents and reduces acne and inflammation, as well as skin pigmentations
  • Increases skin elasticity, and more. 

“I have personally experienced the benefits of curcuma and I believe many others will be able to enjoy it too. While many might have challenges getting used to the smell and taste of it, it will all be worth it,” said Chef Siti. 

“Whatever I Do, I Just Want To Benefit Those Around Me”

With an esteemed career in the baking and culinary scene, and now with a new skin care product line, Chef Siti explained that it has always been all about making a difference. She shared some stories of her culinary students who have benefitted from her classes - who are now equipped with a skill that allow them to have an additional source of income. 

She hopes that Vanity by Chef Siti Mastura would be another platform for her to help those around her. “The skin is a very important feature which could greatly affect one’s appearance and confidence. Many people have shared with me how these products have helped them with their skin conditions and self-esteem. It is an aspiration to know that my products is making a positive difference and I would like to share this with many others.”

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