How Happy-TV is silently changing the game in Singapore's internet stratosphere

How Happy-TV is silently changing the game in Singapore's internet stratosphere

Remember the good old days of rushing back home to catch one of Singapore’s most loved characters on Channel 5, with his iconic yellow work boots and gigantic facial mole? Yes, the “best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam” Mr Phua Chu Kang! Alongside other iconic local programmes such as ‘Under One Roof’, ‘Achar’ and ‘Fighting Spiders’ – the founder of Happy-TV, Kenneth Liang, was heavily involved in the production of PCK and other shows we loved. 

Six years ago, he decided to venture into digital media and online content creation and created Happy-TV. Established in 2013, Happy-TV is an up and coming Singapore YouTube channel that you should watch out for. We’ve seen them in action, with their Street Talk episodes, including one at Clarke Quay where they had some fun asking strangers on the street some ‘controversial’ questions... including one at CelebFest where they had some fun with regional celebrities and event goers.

Let’s get socio-political…on Singaporean YouTube?

Happy-TV is no stranger to having serious topics discussed in their videos. During #GE2015, they have been garnering opinions of the voters in different neighbourhoods through short clips posted on their channel. Today, they have an ongoing series named ‘Coffee & Whiskey with Ivy’, which remains the most popular programme on their channel that discusses socio-political issues. The host, Ivy Singh-Lim, injects personality and thoughtful insights into recent and important local news happening right under our noses. With weekly polls and question segments, audiences are able to connect with the popular series with Ivy.

Interestingly enough, the majority of the viewership count is derived from people between ages 40 to 65 on their YouTube channel. Happy-TV has successfully outdone what many other news platforms are trying - creating online content that resonates with older viewers, encouraging them to participate and continuously tune in. 

Local stories that will make you cry…  

We all love a good story, but how often do you view a story that hits so close to home? Happy-TV boosts a range of local content, but the stories from the non-scripted ‘Silent Cry’ interviews moved us to tears. Happy-TV mitigates the gap between other fellow Singaporeans and our own stories, by weaving a common thread among the things we relate to. As you listen intently to these heartfelt interviews, it gives you the chance to look into the perspectives of people you have not met, as well as experiences you have not gone through. The videos are seemingly too compelling, to not leave your own thoughts and feelings towards these stories. 

Glimpse into what young Singaporeans think...

A video series named, ‘WahLau Eh!’ is currently hosted by four young Singaporeans offering their opinions and personal experiences about the topic of the day, from local controversies to sex and relationships.

What’s next to come?

With the ever changing digital landscape on YouTube, Happy-TV has no plans to slow it down. Standing out from the usual Singaporean YouTube channels, Happy-TV is bringing their A-game to bring in more insightful and informative videos we will come to know and love. We heard that new programmes such as food reviews and ‘mukbang’ segments could reach their chanel soon! 

We’ll keep binging on Happy-TV’s current videos, but from the last we heard – there will be a new programme very soon, titled ‘Happynings’. It is a fun-filled programme with three hosts exploring interesting and exciting places in Singapore, from events to restaurants to give their ‘Happyning’ review.

There might be new faces getting featured in the forefront of their current programmes, and we can’t wait for that!

This is a sponsored article by Happy-TV – Happy-TV is an online channel that creates original content that showcases Singaporean character and life. Check out their YouTube Channel, Facebook and Instagram page for all the latest videos. 

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