Lessons From Customers A Driving Force Behind Local Brand, Zeeqlabel’s Growth

Lessons From Customers A Driving Force Behind Local Brand, Zeeqlabel’s Growth

For 30 year-old Amir, building his own clothing line, Zeeqlabel is a childhood dream come true. Specialising in male T-shirts and jogger pants, Zeeqlabel aims to provide the male population with comfortable and stylish apparels - for the perfect #ootd shot. 

“I Will Never Stop Learning” 

Zeeqlabel had their first pop-up store at RoseValley’s CELEBFEST, and consecutively at other events such as TWILIGHT: Flea & Feast and Street Superior. “Being at these events allows us to meet our customers face to face and also study their fashion lifestyle. Some of these customers have become close friends of mine,” shared Amir, Zeeqlabel’s Brand Owner.

“These customers always share their most honest feedback which allows us to constantly improve on the quality of our apparels. In addition, they always give me some insights on the current fashion trends, which gives me inspiration when producing new collection.”

Amir admitted that the customers have kept him grounded and that he will always value their feedback, good or bad, as they have been the driving force behind the brand’s success. 

“Move Fast Or Remain Stuck”

Building his own business from scratch did not come easy. Amir described one of the challenges he went through was working with apparel manufacturers - as usually a high quantity of minimum order is required and he has to ensure that they meet certain standards for the apparels produced. He remembers the frustrations he went through every time an order got delivered wrongly, if it got delivered at all. But getting orders right, to Amir, comes with lots of experience and trials & errors. 

Starting the business was definitely a roller-coaster ride for Amir and his family but to him, the initial hustle was all worth it as he gets to learn more on building a fashion empire, especially as the brand grows. If there’s something he would like to share with budding entrepreneurs is to “move fast once an idea strikes, or you will always find yourself stuck and you lose the motivation. Things might not always go according to plan or we do not get what we want, but what’s important is to be resilient and never stop learning.” 

“Next Stop, The Region”

Two years into the industry, Amir has huge plans for his business. This includes an expansion to the other countries in the region, starting with Indonesia which is already in the works. “It is important to spread Zeeqlabel to other countries as we are constantly fighting with fast fashion brands and hopefully by breaking into the regional market, we can get more exposure internationally as well. For now, I am focusing on getting the products into more local retail outlets first.”

“Zeeqlabel’s 2019 calendar has been set and I am really excited to see what the future holds for us.”

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