The Only List That Matters This November - 30 F&B Stalls To Look Forward To At TWILIGHT SAFARI

The Only List That Matters This November - 30 F&B Stalls To Look Forward To At TWILIGHT SAFARI

The popular food festival TWILIGHT: Flea & Feast returns for its final instalment in 2019 (we will be back next year, do not worry). If you are a true foodie and is always looking for a great munching session, we have it all covered for you. 

Here’s a list of 30 F&B stalls (out of over 50) that will be serving their best food items for you from 8-10 November at Suntec Convention Centre (Halls 401-402).

Are you ready? Let’s go!


In no order of preference, let us start with Katoshka! Known for their tasty fries covered in a sauce of your choosing, it’s a must try, must have, must buy when you are at TWILIGHT. They do not have a physical store so TWILIGHT is one of the few chances you get to try this amazing potato goodness. Do note that the queues can get quite lengthy and the wait time could be a little longer during peak periods, so do be strategic when getting your Katoshka. 

PS: If you are lucky, you could catch a glimpse of their good-looking owner ;) You’re welcome.


If you love meat balls, twister fries and mashed potatoes, you will definitely appreciate Sofnade’s amazing attempt at combining them all together! You get to enjoy all these “happiness in a bucket” for only $10 or less!



Established by local actress, Lydia Izzati, Satay Ummi serves a generous portion of grilled beef, mutton or chicken satay, accompanied with gravy, lontong, onions and cucumbers. The richness in its taste and texture will make the slightly longer wait time definitely worth it.


This will be the first time Lobster Shack is appearing as a pop-up at any event. We are keeping our fingers crossed with this one but from what we see on their Instagram page, we can expect buns filled with lobster chunks, alongside wedges and criss-cut fries. Check out their debut only at #TWILIGHTSAFARI!

Beef Bro

With outlets in Tampines, Raffles Place and Yishun, Beef Bro offers generous portions of flame-torched beef cubes. Complete it with your preferred choice of topping - you can choose from cheese, truffle or mentaiko (our personal favourite)! Be sure to capture the moment where they blow-torch your beef cubes right in front of your eyes!


Mkuking has been serving tasty fried noodles for many years. Packed in their iconic Chinese food take-away boxes, Mkuking’s fried noodles are a “must try” at TWILIGHT with the perfect combination of spiciness, moist and taste that we have all grown to love. 

Yummy Takoyaki (LONG QUEUE ALERT)

If you have been to TWILIGHT before, you will notice a snaking queue the moment you step into the event halls. The culprit: Yummy Takoyaki! Living up to its name, they serve fluffy bite-sized takoyakis with fillings of crabstick, hotdog, mushroom or prawn. If you are feeling a little adventurous, flood your takoyakis with their cheese sauce!


You combine the words “Japanese cuisine”, “poke bowl” and “salmon” and you’ll get a yummy marriage called Big Bowls Project. Those working in the CBD area might find them familiar as they have an outlet at Amoy Street Food Centre. If you’ve been too busy with work and have not been able to visit them there, TWILIGHT will be your chance to get them without being restricted by your lunch hours!

Naughty Boyz

We have tried a few baked Mac & Cheese over the past few editions of TWILIGHT but the ones by Naughty Boyz have to be one of our favourites. Baked upon order, you can choose either a spicy or non-spicy mac & cheese from their menu. This works well if you bring it home and heat it in the oven as well!

Fooditude: Praffles (FIRST TIME AT TWILIGHT)

In this genius partnership between Fooditude and local personality Hirzi Zulkiflie, you get to witness a gastronomical marriage of Prata and Waffles - therefore PRAFFLES, get it get it? Complete your praffle set with a generous piece of chicken cutlet, drowned in yummy sauce.

If you’re a fan of macarons, we can guarantee that you will LOVE those from There’s more than 10 interesting flavours to choose from and you can buy them in boxes of 7, 14 or 28 - perfect as a gift for your loved ones as well!


If you’re a fan of Japanese food, you will appreciate the sushis, tempuras and udons that will be sold at Inariku. Trust us when we say that you will feel a little piece of Japan when you taste their goodies.

Loco Loco

If churros are what you’re looking for, then we have those covered for you too! There’s classic, ondeh-ondeh and oreo flavours you can choose from - complete with salted egg or chilli crab sauce!

Krumbz N Kraves

Shilin-inspired chicken cutlets and giant Argentina squids cut into pieces and sprayed with chilli powders...just typing this out makes me drool. Served hot and cooked upon order, this is a personal MUST TRY when you are at Twilight!


Fans of Harry Potter, you might not need to travel all the way to Hogwarts to check out what butterbeer would taste like. Boo:Eh serves pretty legit butterbeer-inspired beverages which will make you feel the need to leave the foam around your mouth for that mandatory Instagram-shot.


If you are going to get fried banana fritters, then O’Braim is the place for you. Their signature Choco Banana Cheese offers shredded cheese, chocolate sprinkles, condensed milk on fried banana - it’s like putting together everything we love about desserts. This has proven to be a pretty popular option for the little ones over the years!


If you frequent Starbucks and Coffee Bean for their drinks, then you definitely need to get your hands on Rumi’s drinks. They somehow managed to get the perfect flavour, into the perfect size of cup, the right amount of ice and you walk away with a little poem that will come with every purchase. The queue could be a little long but it will definitely be worth the wait.

Chill Baby

Dutch pancakes were a craze a couple of years back and deservedly so! The pros at Chill Baby will ensure that the pancakes will be cooked to perfection - not too soft and not too burnt. And they come in many flavours as well, banana split, cookies & cream, red velvet and my personal favourite, ondeh-ondeh. They have recently added creme brulee souffle to their menu and I can’t wait to try that out.

D’elish Treats

Think of donuts, think of Nutella - now you stuff that donut with Nutella. Need we say more?

Street Submarine

They debuted at Twilight: Flea & Feast two years ago and have continued at Twilight ever since! If you’re a little more basic in appetite and enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as a hot dog bun, then Street Submarine is definitely the one that you will need to try. You can go for the classics such as basic or cheesy but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try chili rendang or the spicy pulled beef sub!


Speaking of life’s simple pleasures, we have to include the otah-otah from Ikan 1986 in this list. They pride themselves in conserving the same family recipe since 1986 and it hasn’t been changed ever since! Judging from the queues, it might be true that some things are better left unchanged.

The Fab Five

One can never go wrong with pasta and The Fab Five manages to celebrate this fact by offering four amazing flavours of pasta - mushroom, classic, meatball and chilli beef. Ranging from $8-$9, they will turn anyone into pasta lovers in no time.


Broti has taken the local F&B scene by storm over the past few years and it has remained very popular ever since. Known for their larger than normal cups, Broti offers a variety of flavoured teas and sodas - all for just $4!

No Pat No Pit

It’s a burritos galore! You get to witness the grilling and flaming take place right in front of your eyes as they prepare your burrito! No Pat No Pit brings your love for burritos to a whole new level.


Our fingers are crossed with this one as they have never appeared anywhere before. But if the rumours are accurate, then we can expect, check this out, chicken stuffed inside grilled sotong rings. We still can’t wrap our heads around this but we will definitely keep a close lookout for this new kid on the block.

Oahu Poke

If you are opting for something healthier at Twilight, then we’ve got you covered as well. Oahu poke will be serving their signature Grilled Salmon or Grilled Chicken Teriyaki poke bowls for the health conscious consumers. A little fun fact, Oahu Poke debuted at Twilight about a year ago! Another Twilight original.

Alley SG

After going through some rebranding, Alley SG returns with a new look with more fruity flavours in their menu. Popular favourites such as their creme brulee milk tea will still be offered as well!

Fun Fruits

Living up to its name, Fun Fruits give an exciting twist to how fruits are usually consumed. Quench your thirst with a refreshing cup of mango shake, and complete your desserts with a nice plate of mango sticky rice.


From our love for mangoes, we move on to our love for other fruits. They are best known for their Turon Original - bananas and jackfruits rolled into a spring roll wrapper, dusted with brown sugar. Besides that, they also have a durian alternative to the already yummy sounding menu!


And perhaps we have saved the best for last. While there are plenty of takoyaki vendors at Twilight, there’s just something special and different about those by Saiko. While we are no takoyaki experts, we got to say that the truffle sauce sprayed over the hot takoyaki balls is by far the most genius menu ever created in Twilight.

Event Details:

Date: 8-10 November 2019
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre (Halls 401-402)
Time: 10am-10pm
Admission: FREE!

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