Time To Hijra Might Soon Introduce Wall Clocks In Javanese and Sanskrit

Time To Hijra Might Soon Introduce Wall Clocks In Javanese and Sanskrit

We take it for granted that our timepieces move in a clockwise direction - that is the norm and we seldom, or never question it. 39-year-old Sulaiman, however, wanted to challenge the norm and was the first person to introduce counter-clockwise clocks and watches in Singapore with Time To Hijra. Established in 2013, Time To Hijra specialises in home and personal timepieces that ticks in an anti-clockwise manner.

“Re-introducing #TheForgottenMovement”

According to Sulaiman, Co-Founder of Time To Hijra, he never had an interest in watches or clocks but got inspired when he attended a colour vibration therapy workshop in 2005, which got him interested in exploring kinetics. This intrigued him to test the science on wall clocks - which later became his business calling. 

He described the counter-clockwise phenomenon as #TheForgottenMovement - a movement more common than people might perceive it to be. He proved this by pointing out that the rotations of the Sun, the Earth and Moon are all in counter-clockwise directions. He further added that even movements on running and racing tracks are oriented in an anti-clockwise direction! To Sulaiman, plenty of significant movements around us move in a counter-clockwise motion but somehow a clockwise direction is still deemed as “mainstream”.

“Something You Have Never Seen Before”

Time To Hijra currently produces timepieces in mainstream European (1, 2, 3, etc.), Mandarin and Arabic numerals. Sulaiman shared with us that due to requests from his customers, he is currently working on new timepieces which will, for the first time in Singapore, feature Javanese and various Sanskrit numerals. 

“Our customers are always giving us new ideas on ways to move forward and improve the brand. If the ideas are feasible, unique and rare, we will take up the challenge. This is why we are very excited to work on these unique timepieces with Javanese and Sanskrit characters,” Sulaiman shared. 

Changing Perception, One Customer At A Time

“From the time the business started, all the way until today, the biggest challenge we continuously face are skeptics and egoistic individuals that do not give us the chance to introduce counter-clockwise timepieces. They simply cannot accept a new concept that they are not comfortable with, thus blocking out its possibility for success,” admitted Sulaiman.

This, however, has never stopped him from pursuing his passion. He takes every interaction with new customers to educate them on the benefits and commonality of the counter-clockwise movement. “For me, I am more motivated in educating my customers, which to me is the main reason why I started doing this in the first place. Profit comes second.”

Here’s a little experiment for you to try out (because Sulaiman did it to me): Write the letter “O”. Then write the word “food” and see which direction did you go ;)

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