When It Comes To Making Decisions, Simply Rays Leaves It To The Kids

When It Comes To Making Decisions, Simply Rays Leaves It To The Kids

Wearing matching clothes with the family members for the Aidilfitri festivities is quite a common practice here in Singapore. This is a practice that is hugely lauded by Raodah Zulkiflee, 31, Founder of Simply Rays - a fashion apparel brand specialising in matching festivities outfits for all members of the family, regardless of age.

“It Started Off As A Family Activity, And Has Remained A Family Activity”

“Every year before Hari Raya, myself, my husband and two kids will decide on our family outfit. It is a fun family activity and the kids always have so much fun doing this. After we decide, we will send it for tailoring. That’s when we realise that since we enjoy the process so much, why not turn it into a business? And that’s how Simply Rays came about,” shared Raodah. 

According to Raodah, her children play a huge part in the designing and material selection process for Simply Rays. “They will experiment with the colours and patterns. My husband and I will just do some final touch ups and send it for production. My kids has inspired the birth of Simply Rays and the company will grow together with the kids.”

When asked about the challenges she faced during the process, she shared that any challenges encountered will be turned into a fun family activity where the four of them will find creative approaches to tackle them. “As long as we love what we do, and get everyone involved in the fun, there’s no challenge that we can’t overcome,” she added. 

“What Sets Us Apart? Our Service For Kids”

For Raodah and her husband, Herman, their kids represent many other kids, and this has allowed them to produce the best clothes and apparel for kids. “My kids are very fussy when it comes to what they wear - from the design, to the material...so I thought, if they are fussy, I’m pretty sure other kids out there have similar characteristics. That’s why what we design will need to go through my kids first. If they approve, then we give our producers the green light”.

“There are many other kids clothing companies out there, but when you shop at Simply Rays, rest assured, we want to make it an easy experience not just for parents, but for the kids. We ensure that our staff are also trained to be able to handle kids and the hassle that comes with it,” explained Raodah.

“Matching Attires Forges Family Unity”

“Life in Singapore is so hectic and sometimes it is difficult for families to spend much time together. I’ve always loved the concept of matching family outfits - this, to me, is a unique way to show the family camaraderie and is definitely an activity that the family can do together. We want to provide a platform for families to do just that, and we have plans to introduce our products to other countries that might not be too big on the matching outfits concept,” added Raodah who has plans to bring Simply Rays to Japan and hopefully someday, Europe. 

“Perhaps we can introduce the idea that - a family that shops for clothes together, stays together”

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