Kanzi by Liza Yahya

In 2010 Liza Yahya and Muhammad Abdat started a small hobby fashion business from their home in Jakarta based on the many heritage designs in Indonesia. Liza had her first exposure to fashion during her early age in her father garment factory, during that time she had the opportunity to learn about quality of the material, sewing techniques and finishing qualities. These experiences and the knowledge gained, gave her a deep down appreciation for fashion and coupled her artistic flair drove her passion to bring Kanzi Designs to life. In the early days, Liza was working as a dentist to make ends meet.  In 2014 Liza decided to take a leap of faith and resigned from their roles as a Dentist, to go full-time as owners of Kanzi Collection.  This decision was both a challenge and a blessing. 

From this humble beginning, Kanzi has developed into a quality garment design and production house delivering an array of styles to suit a wide range of clients with appreciation for quality material, emotionally unique patterns and colors combined with the flowing designs that delivers both elegance and subtle beauty.

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